Latest Winter 2018 Quarterly Newsletter This issues includes reflections from Brian Jones, CFP, on recent market volatility as he draws parallels to the most recent Super Bowl. Kevin Donovan, CFA, discusses how market losses can be tough but in general the market produces positive returns. Mark your calendars for our annual Shredding Event on May 18th and read about which documents to keep versus shred. Lastly, we share the recent Washingtonian Magazine article that quoted Jessica Ness, CFP, and her advice for handling children's allowance. January 2018 Audio Update In our first podcast of 2018, join us as David Greene, Kevin Donovan, Jessica Ness and Brian Jones share their thoughts on what worked in 2017, what to expect in the markets in 2018 as well as an update on the new tax bill just passed by Congress. Newsletter & Podcast Archive

The Situation

Ann, a successful government executive, was considering retirement. As a transplant to the DC area, Ann envisioned spending her retirement with her children and grandchildren, but would need to relocate from the DC area in order to do so. Ann was concerned that she would not be able to replicate her pre-retirement income in retirement and was unsure as to how she would generate the income from her portfolio to do so. After attending a retirement seminar and leaving with more questions than answers, she turned to CJM for a second opinion.

The Solution

The first step was to create a balance sheet which included a comprehensive list of assets and liabilities. From there, it was determined that a rental property that was previously thought to be underwater could be sold at a small profit. Compiling pension projections and Social Security benefits, we determined how much income Ann would need to generate from her investment portfolio. CJM then created a customized income plan that would provide Ann with the cash distributions from her portfolio to meet her income needs.

Value To The Client

CJM’s analysis provided Ann with the critical information she needed to move on to the next phase of her life. With CJM’s experience and guidance, Ann was able to feel confident in her financial ability to retire and to live the life she had always dreamed.

More Solutions

At CJM we understand that no two clients are alike and real world problems require practical and timely solutions. The CJM team brings together the best and the brightest in the areas of investment, tax, insurance, financial planning & wealth management to resolve each client’s particular issue(s).