The Financial Planning Process

Latest Spring 2017 Quarterly Newsletter In this issue, Tracey Baker, CFP, reflects on current markets as we head into the summer months. Kevin Donovan, CFA, compares performance of "Actively" vs. "Passively" managed funds. Parker Trasborg, CFP, discusses the implications of several common estate planning pitfalls. Read about the tax related benefits that can arise from making Qualified Charitable Distributions. Jessica Ness, CFP, talks about our Day of Service when we partnered with one of our favorite local service organizations for the second year in a row. See how our clients have two different programs to track their CJM portfolios. January 2017 Audio Update Join Tracey, Brian, Kevin and Tim as they discuss CJMs expectations for the markets in 2017, a discussion on small cap equities as well as Tims thoughts on income distributions in retirement. Newsletter & Podcast Archive

At CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. we know that the cornerstone of any relationship is trust. Since 1978, our clients have trusted us to provide them with personalized and custom tailored financial planning and wealth management solutions. At CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. we provide our clients with a broad array of services designed to simplify the their financial picture and provide them with the piece of mind that comes from partnering with CJM Wealth Advisers, Ltd. Let us show you how our custom tailored financial planning and wealth management strategies can work for you and make your tomorrow more enjoyable.