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Latest Fall 2017 Quarterly Newsletter This issue includes some thoughts from the retiring Senior Managing Partner, Tim Jones, as he looks back on his time in the business over the last 30 years. This issue also includes a tribute to Kim McLeland, one of the retired partners at CJM who passed away suddenly earlier this year. We round out the newsletter with articles from Kevin Donovan on investments, Parker Trasborg provides us with his thoughts on buying a new car, and pictures from Halloween. Enjoy! October 2017 Audio Update Dave, Kevin, Tracey and Tim share their thoughts on the markets so far this year, expectations for the remainder of the year, an update on Congressional bills making their way through Congress and finally some thoughts on protecting your credit given the recent Equifax security breach. Newsletter & Podcast Archive

Kevin Donovan, CFA

Kevin Donovan joined CJM Wealth Advisers in April 2012 as Portfolio Research Director. A Chartered Financial Analyst©, Kevin previously worked as an analyst for Nomura Research Institute America Inc. in San Mateo, California, covering the U.S. and European retail industries, along with internet and technology companies. In addition he worked on several consulting projects for Nomura with major retail clients in the U.S., Japan, China and South Korea. Before moving west, Kevin worked in Washington, DC as a senior equity analyst and editor at Dow Jones Newswires where he headed up a team of analysts and also oversaw the technology and mergers and acquisitions newswires.

Kevin earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance at the University of Maryland and an MBA in Finance and Investments at George Washington University.

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